About Greene Farms...

Our community is comprised of 3 different Homeowners Associations (HOA's). HOA 1,2,& 4...HOA 3 & 5, and HOA 6 & 7.  We also have the Greene Farms Recreational Facilities Association which manages the community pool.  In all, we have 776 homes in Greene Farms.

Greene Farms 3 & 5 HOA meetings

Public meetings are typically held annually.  The next annual meeting will be scheduled for Late Spring 2024. An update will be posted with the exact date and time once available.

The board conducts business meetings quarterly to manage the business decisions of the HOA. Please email document/Status letter requests to Boardmembers@greenefarms.net

Board of Directors

  • President: John Hoops
  • Treasurer: Jeff Lehman
  • Vice-President: Jim Tallant
  • Secretary: Peggy White
  • Member-at-Large: Open