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Homeowners Association Dues Assessment

2024 Annual Dues Amount: $240.00    Due by: 3/31/2024

Late fees will be assessed on any unpaid balance on 5/15/2024

HOA assessments are a required fee which are bound to your lot via the Declarations of Covenants,Conditions and Restrictions. (by-laws)

If you need payment arrangements or have questions about your assessment, please contact the Board at for details.

To pay your dues with a credit/debit card via Paypal*, just click on the logo.

Check and Online Bill payments can be mailed to the following address.

Made Payable and Mail To:

Greene Farms HOA 3 & 5

P.O. Box 970342

Ypsilanti, MI 48197


*PayPal fees are in addition to the HOA amount due.




Important Information

Greene Farms HOA 3&5 Annual Public Meeting

The Annual HOA meeting is in the process of being scheduled.  An update will be posted here once a date, time and location is sorted.

If you have some spare time and are interested in serving your community, we do have positions open on the board. Please reach out via email: if you are interested.

Please remember the following restrictions per our by-laws:

Article 6; Section 6.17-Garbage and Refuse: To summarize,  if you keep your 96 gallon trash can outside, please conceal it from view within a fenced in back yard or with shrubbery. Otherwise this must be kept in the garage. This applies to yard waste and recycling cans/bins as well.


Article 6; Section 6.16-Vehicular Parking and Storage: To summarize, if you own a camper, motorhome, trailer, boat, motorcycle, recreational vehicle, commercial or inoperative vehicle; this vehicle must not be on your lot unless fully enclosed within the garage.

(Please keep in mind, a Township ordinance may have restrictions that supersede the HOA by-laws.)

Your assistance maintaining your property based upon our by-laws is appreciated and helps keep the community looking neat and clean.

*a downloadable .PDF version of the by-laws can be found on the FAQ's page

Please; No Fishing in Retention Ponds(including Ice Fishing)

Please remember that fishing is prohibited in the retention ponds within the community. The ponds are treated many times per year with an aquatic herbicide and are designed for storm water retention. Debris left behind from fishing litters the shoreline and lost fishing line causes health problems for aquatic birds and other aquatic life.

Vehicle Parking within the Community

Please remember the following when parking on the street within Greene Farms.

  • Vehicle must be parked passenger side to curb
  • Please do not park in the middle of a court or head-in towards the curb
  • Vehicle must have no Flat tires and be current on State registration
  • Do not park in front of fire hydrants or mailboxes.
  • Please don't block the sidewalk.

We appreicate your compliance with these guidelines for the benefit of the entire Community.


Yard Maintenance

Help keep our neighborhood looking beautiful by mowing your lawn regularly. Grass must be kept mowed below 7" for all residential, developed, subdivided and landscaped areas of the community. The 7" height requirement also includes the back yard, fence lines, garden edge lines and building perimeters.  A well kept lawn adds beauty and curb appeal to your property and contributes to a clean and sanitary environment.

Please keep your property maintained for the betterment of the community.

Property Projects: Fences, Sheds, Decks and more.

Please remember that before any project can begin, a Modification Request Form must be filed and approved by the Board. The form can be found on the FAQ page of this website. Please fill it out and submit it to the Board. You can mail it to us, or email it to:

If you are unsure whether or not an approval is required, please email the board for clarification.


Mailboxes and Posts:

If your mailbox has been damaged or is need of repair, please contact the HOA via email at:


Pet Waste Stations

The HOA has pet waste receptacles throughout our phases.  They are located at each end of the main park, one by the pathway/creek near Berwick and one along Hitchingham at Hampton Drive.  Please utilize these receptacles for your dog waste while out exercising your pooch. These waste stations are emptied bi-weekly.

Street Snow Plowing:

The HOA contracts to plow our streets in Greene Farms 3&5.  We only clear streets after we receive 4 inches or more of snow. Please keep your vehicle off the street when heavy snow is forecast, this will help with clearing efficiency.  As a reminder, it is against the law to shovel snow into a roadway. Please pile snow to the left and right of your driveway apron.  As a courtesy to students and walkers, please clear your sidewalks of snow.

The Annual Sub-Wide Yard Sale will be

May 31-June 2, 2024.






Board of Directors

  • President: John Hoops
  • Treasurer: Jeff Lehman
  • Vice-President: Jim Tallant
  • Secretary: Peggy White
  • Member-at-Large: Open